Activities in and around Paira da Barra


They have been sailing the East African Coast for centuries.  They has a single mast and a triangular lateen sail, usually made of cotton. In Mozambique they are still handcrafted like the first Arabic ones that come to this coast. A dhow trip became one of the number one items on the "to do list" of many travelers. Trips depart from the jetty in town (Inhambane) to Maxixe where you can have lunch at "One Stop" Restaurant and return with the dhow back to Inhambane.


It provides a range of goods and services to communities living nearby and are important nursery areas for many fish, invertebrates and bird species


A Walk in the lagoon with an experience guide with the main aim of finding seahorses.


This trail takes more or less 3 hours during low-tide and takes you to the large colonies of star fishes.  The walk is also combined with a route to take you to the Pansy Shells. An experienced guide also point out all maritime live


Jet-skiing is for many the best way to have water sports' fun when on holiday.  Those who love to make their own waves can head to White Sands and enjoy the estuary...  Swimmers are inside these areas, so pilots please be on the look out.  Wear your life vest at all times.  You need a launching license to operate your Jet-ski. 


There's nothing like the trill off deep sea fishing off the Mozambican coast.  For the experience of a lifetime, set out to some of the world's richest deep sea fishing grounds.  Depending on the season, guest frequently encounter Sailfish, King Mackerel, Dorado, King fish and a variety of Tuna.  You also have the opportunity of spotting other marine animals, such as sharks, whales and dolphins in their natural habitat


Please note we do not allow quad riding in the Lodge.  Please leave silently and return the same way.  Quad Rides can be done at Barra Lodge.  Quad Biking through the coconut plantations open new vistas and following the tracks and paths through these areas allows one to experience the real Mozambique while riding through local villages and into the heart of Mozambique.  Quad bike is prohibited from the beaches as we wish to preserve the rich and unspoilt marine life.


a Guided horse ride on the beach is a once in a lifetime experience.  The romance of riding along the beach with the sea and sand and wind in your face is a unforgettable experience.


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